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Your website must act as a sales funnel if it is to be a profitable, money-making marketing tool. There are two types of websites, those that make money and those that don’t. After all, why waste your time with a website unless you’re going to make more money.

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Simply put, a Sales Funnel is a series of steps or content blocks on your website that drives visitors to a conversion (often a sale, but could also be a sign-up to a newsletter, opening an account, an opt-in, etc.).

Funnel Conversion Rate. After you have set up your goal and funnel, and your profile has had some time to collect data, the Funnel Visualization report will display perhaps the single most definitive funnel performance metric in Google Analytics: the Funnel Conversion Rate.

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What is a website funnel? A website funnel is about taking people who sign up with you on a journey through different content, until ultimately they convert or purchase with you. What’s now happening with funnels is that there is a shift toward segmenting and creating different funnels based on the interests of the person who signs up.

The Benefit of a Funnel Optimized Website. Leads. More of them. Better qualified and easier to close. You read a lot about creating sticky sites. But this isn’t about sticky for the sake of sticky. No, funnel optimized websites provide you with far more back-end data about your visitors.

The Funnel Shop This is a generic marketing funnel for your or your client’s WordPress website. We’ve taken all the theory and countless hours building, testing and refining or own marketing funnels to build the ultimate funnel that you can simply cut, paste and publish in minutes.